You might be well aware that tech could be the key to future growth in the business, but is your team with you? Tech is but a tool and without the right mindset when using those tools, they can be terribly ineffective. Here are a few tips to help ensure that your team is coming with you to the 21st century rather than being stuck in the way things used to be.

Make sure they’re on board

When you’re implementing new tech and installing new software to be used across the company, make sure that your team has the training and integration classes to help them get on board with it. You want to do more than show them the practical applications of their new tools. You want them to understand why exactly they’re being implemented and how they can improve the processes they are already doing by using a more efficient and accessible method.

Make it go without a hitch

One way to really undermine your team’s confidence in their office tech is to have it break down, disrupt, and interrupt their work on a regular basis. Hardware that’s poorly cared for and badly implemented IT systems are the bane of your team’s collective lives. IT consulting and support services can help you take a deeper look at the weaknesses and inefficiencies of your system. By eliminating those, not only are your IT systems going to foster more productivity, but they are not going to have such a negative impact on the morale of the team. In fact, they may make life a little better for everyone involved.

Make exceptions for them

Plenty of your team are already going to have their own methods and tools for doing their job using tech. They might be using free software or specific hardware they are more comfortable with. You can allow them to use a BYOD policy or even to use their own software tools if it helps them work more quickly. A little flexibility can go a long way to making your team feel effective and productive at work. It also pays to give them the freedom to think about their own work practices.

Make them risk aware

Finally, if tech’s presence in your business is growing, then make sure your team is also aware of the risks that this growth can bring with it. Teach them the importance of password protection, cybercrime and data protection, not leaving terminals open to unauthorised access and so on. Your digital security is your concern, but it’s worth noting that a high portion of data breaches are the result of lax practices amongst the team. Make sure that a little time is dedicated now and then to introducing and re-treading digital security concepts.

There’s a growing working population of millennials and generation Z, each equipped with more natural technical understanding than the last. More of them have no need of help getting used to tech, but there are still those stragglers that need a little extra attention and assistance getting with the programme.

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